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Savings Accounts

We open savings accounts for our members, in the name of each member, into which that member may deposit or withdraw money and from which that Member may instruct the Co-operative to transfer or pay money.


We offer secured and unsecured loans to members of our co-operative comparable with any bank registered in terms of the Banks Act,1990 or as approved by the Prudential Authority. We put the needs of our members first.


Our members are part of a Stokvel that matures at the end of each year. We contribute R200 every month and at the end of the year, we get our monies back with interest.

Co-operative Banking

BOS Cooperative Financial Institution (CFI)

Join our growing membership and simplify your co-operative banking. Discover quick, simple, and convenient ways to take command of your finances. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your financial objectives.