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BOS Cooperative Financial Institution (CFI)

BOS Cooperative Financial Institution, was established in 2020 as the only cooperative financial institution intent on providing Soweto residents with economic means to reach their mutual economic potential. We serve clients in South Western Townships (Soweto), Johannesburg with plans to expand to Ekurhuleni, Tshwane, Vaal, and all other townships in the greater Gauteng Province.

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About Bank of Soweto

Our Vision

To be the largest CFI, and ultimately the largest cooperative bank on the African Continent.

To build a community bank that will generate black wealth for long-term sustainability, for the African child to create generational wealth for a lifetime of legacy

Our Mission

We will transform South Africa’s economy, by ensuring that production, servicing, and financing of goods are contained in a township value chain, thereby warranting the rotation of money in its ecosystem, infrastructural development and job creation. 

Our Core Values

We consider our members as the heartbeat of the group;
The desire to promote the township economy value chain will always come first;
We will be courteous, candid and inspiring in all our dealings, internally and externally;
Delivering on our promises is paramount;

BOS Cooperative Financial Institution (CFI)

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