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Business Advisory and FInancing

Our Service Promise

We take our economic livelihood as our own responsibility. “Together with us, your dream is attainable”

We want our members to continue to run the businesses they have and to continue to have fulfilling livelihoods without worrying about finances.

What sets us apart?

Among our members there are cross-disciplinary experts who have studied in co-operative Institutions both inside and outside South Africa; which has seen less use such co-operatives; and yet are born and bred in Soweto, the merger of their knowledge and background is unique and will be an asset to both clients and members.

Why Choose Us?

While banking is the main focus of the BOS CFI, we are prepared to facilitate, and, where permissible, finance, business initiatives that will enhance the communal nature of Soweto’s community, thereby creating jobs and diversification.

our services

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